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Anchor Publisher is an academic Pan African Publishing House with deep interest African related literature. Our publishing interest covers a wide range of genres, including Biographies, memoirs, research journals, Business diaries, Literary Fiction and Non-Fiction, poetry and drama, Lifestyle, History, Politics, Religions, Current Affairs and Children’s Books in various formats including paperbacks and hardbacks, and large-format publishing.

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Manuscript Submission Before submitting your manuscript, please read through our submission guidelines. Ensure that your manuscript is original and has not been published or been considered for publication elsewhere. The following are our requirements for manuscript submission:
A brief synopsis of your book.
Your inspiration for writing it.
Your intended audience & the reason for choosing this audience.
Any two that you feel best highlight the strengths and qualities of your work.
Your background (not more than ten lines).
We do not accept hardcopy submissions, all submissions must be through our online platform In other words, we ONLY accept and review proposals submitted via e-mail. Hardcopy submissions will not be acknowledged or returned. Please ensure you DO NOT send more than two chapters as required. It is highly important that you follow these requirements, as we would only acknowledge receipt of the required two chapters, and cannot be held responsible for the remainder of your manuscript.


We acquire contents based on the numbers of decisions:
The originality of the work.
The message and content of the work.
The need of the audience about the content of the work.
We advise you allow a minimum of 4-8 weeks, from the moment of submission, before we get back to you. If we have not responded to you within this period, it is likely that we have decided not to proceed to the next stage of publication, but we should get back to you on the conditions of your manuscript.


Editing and proofreading your manuscript is a job for professional editors. In terms of academic success, staying at the front of the pack is always a challenge, we have seasoned editors. Taking advantage of our professional editing can help your work reach its potential and increase your chances of being published.
Our experienced editors will help you improve the style, organization, clarity, and tone of your writing. They will highlight potential problem areas in your work and offer suggestions on how to improve it. They will help you to ensure consistency and improve your writing.
Whether you've written beat poetry or the next blockbuster screenplay, a lavish period romance or a hard science fiction adventure, we know your form and genre. We know about important things like leaving the dialects alone, preserving your voice and vision, and making sure you retain complete creative control.
If you've written nonfiction, be assured we'll be focused on helping you communicate your ideas clearly and concisely, giving you a better, stronger, and more perfectly crafted manuscript. With your edited work in hand, you can move forward with confidence.


An edited manuscript in which spelling errors, grammar errors, and typos are indicated. Changes and suggestions to help improve clarity, flow, structure, and readability of your work. Tracked revisions so that you can see and review all the changes that have been made. Formatting of citations and references. Comments to point out problems and suggestions about how to solve them. A short summary of the work that has been done and any major concerns. Plagiarism Assessment Test


Journal articles.
Research projects.
Conference proceedings and presentations.
Novels and short stories
Plays and screenplays
General nonfiction (memoir, biography, self-help, gardening, etc.)


Your manuscript needs an unbiased critique to increase chances of success; you need the unvarnished opinion of experienced and professional critics.


An easy-to-follow critique of your manuscript.
An assessment of the elements that might affect the salability of your manuscript
Suggestions for revisions of the major issues
An analysis of the key elements, such as plot, dialogue, characterization, structure, coherence, consistency, and organization.


Doing business with us is like taking a cool shower in an occasion, you can never complain of lack of water. Once we publishes your content, you can opt for promotional services such as, an author website and website hosting, special labels, appearing on our Book Club Readers Delight editions and interviews. Using our wide range of expertise and connections, you can also opt for your work to be peer reviewed in recognized publications, feature your work in exhibitions in locations within and outside Africa such as Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, USA, Germany, New York, London, Canada or Beijing. In case you and your consultant feel the book has multimedia potential, our media department is ever ready to translate your works into professional author videos that can be distributed in our online accounts to advertise your work with style.


Our professional cover design options range from basic to sophisticated templates, depending on the plan you choose. You can choose from many predesigned options at no additional cost beyond the basic publishing expenses. The premium cover design service allows you to work with a graphic artist to bring out the themes of your story in a professional, customized cover design that gives your work a unique look. You can also decide to outsource your cover art which gives you the flexibility to customize your project the way you want but subject to our editorial suggestions and approval. All of the packages include an ISBN assignment, global distribution, one-on-one author support, interior design, layout, and image insertions. With all of the book publishing packages, we format your content to fit all devices.